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The Goose-Girl

In collaboration with Marc Picar of the Geese Parade we have developed an act with a live image of ‘The Goose-Girl’ in between living and foraging geese. She carries 2 bronze geese spraying water. They can rotate their heads and thus give additional surprise.

A very charming act: A rustic statue of a fairy tale figure of the brothers Grimm: ‘The Goose-Girl’ in ‘real life’ bronze with scratching, (real!) geese, honking and frolic strolling. A twinkling eye of a statue … Now and then she is very surprising! Intriguing and playful, for all ages!

The goose in her arms are not real, but made of polyester. Her hands can move the necks, the jaws and the water. The statue is always accompanied by an attendant.

The act can be booked in four ways:
1) With Geese Fanfare
2) With 3 goslings on a round platter or large goose inside fences.(in spring small goslings!)
3) Solo statue, without water.
4) Solo statue with water.

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