Made to order

Because we work with a variety of skilled performers – for example actors, dancers and jugglers – we can adjust the performances to a specific event or occasion. The performer could be an active part in the event, for example at an official opening, an unveiling or an award ceremony. It is also possible to have a living statue read a poem, act as illusionist, perform a choreography and act as host or as a signpost.

Another idea that works great at festivals and bigger events, is adding an extra performer to the statues. For example, an assistant who brings the statues to the place of the performance on a cart, who tends to them, and who interacts with the audience. Or a storyteller explaining the audience more about the background of the characters. This heightens the mystical character of the statues. The possibilities are endless!

If you are looking for a specific act that perfectly fits your company or event, Living Sculptures is able to create a custom made statue or act. Prices depend on the complexity of the statue that has to be made. Please note it takes about 2 weeks to prepare a statue. All costumes made by us, and/or costumes delivered by the client that are adapted by us, plus the attributes, shall remain the property of Living Sculptures after the assignment. Please contact us if you want to know more about the possibilities and costs.