Booking info

Choosing a statue

As a customer, you can select one or more statues from the living statue or animation gallery. Not all combinations are possible as some statues overlap in costumes. For more information about this, please contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible. If you contact us, please mention the date of the event. In order for us to help you choose which act would be most suitable, you can add extra information about the kind of event, theme or target group. The price list will be sent to you by e-mail.

Performance times

Prices mentioned in the price list are based on a timeframe of 4 hours. Within these 4 hours there will be a performance of at least 3 x 40 minutes. The performances usually lasts a little longer, depending on the kind of role, the audience and the circumstances on the spot.

For a booking of 5 hours we hold 4 sets of 35 minutes. For 6 hours: 4 x 45 minutes. For a longer or shorter performance please have a look on page 3 for a list of price variations. Of course performance times are flexible and can be adapted to fit the program of an event. Exceptions to this are the Sand Act: they perform 1 x 75 minutes and Terra: 3 x 30 minutes.

Changing rooms

Before and after a performance a statue needs a private space to change: a dressing room. This space needs to be provided with a table(s) and a suitable amount of chairs. There must be enough room on the table to spread out make-up (about the size of one placemat per statue) and the room has to be big enough to change in. The costumes usually take up quite a lot of space and the room will soon be filled with all the necessary stuff brought with us. We will bring mirrors with us.
It would be nice when this room/space, where preferably breaks/a pause can take place, is close to the place of performance. The players can’t move fast, and it takes a lot of effort to move, because of the ‘stiffness’ of the costumes.


If possible, some basic catering would be very much appreciated. For example coffee, tea, and some soft drinks (preferably also something sugar-free) and (vegetarian) sandwiches or rolls. If we are still on location at around 18:00h, some warm food would be nice. For example, by eating a ‘vege-snack’ during make-up, this will give the performers more energy for their show. Of course, this is also possible after the performance, but living statues don’t like ‘standing’ when they are hungry. If no catering can be provided, please let us know in advance so we can take this into account.

Removing make-up

After a few hours the make-up will start to irritate the skin, therefore statues want to wash off the make-up as soon as possible after the performance. For this warm, running water is a ‘must’ as well as some space to do this. A public toilet is less suitable for doing this because of the often half-dressed state of the performers (privacy), but a private toilet or sink is sufficient. The washroom will always be left in a clean state by us but can’t be used for other purposes during the washing time. Soap and towels are brought by us. Please let us know in the contract when a shower is present; many artists prefer to take a shower after their (often intensive) performance. For bodypaint statues a shower room with warm water is an absolute precondition.


When all the details of a planned performance are known, you will receive a contract by e-mail. This will also include matters like parking spaces, catering, shower room, emergency mobile phone number and all matters concerning the smooth conduct of the performance. The statue artist and his/her companion will receive all the necessary information, mentioned in the contract. The person accompanying the performer is the contact person during and before the performance. When you are not satisfied about something, please do not hesitate to contact the companion.

Behind the scenes

In the dressing room the transformation process to a statue begins. And we always have a lot of fun preparing! Typically it takes a few hours to dress, do the make-up and get ready for the performance. Everything has to be exactly right, to make the perfect illusion. Usually the audience does not see this side of the living statue. However, here we reveal some pictures that give an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Short documentary “Verhuld in Stilte” (Dutch)

Behind the scenes