Would you like to be a living statue for one day? In our workshops you can learn about the art of living statues, from creating the sculpture to a real performance. We can offer all kinds of workshops. Among the possibilities are short workshops, walk-in workshops and multi-day courses for all ages and group sizes. We can also provide individual coaching and artistic advice for amateurs/professional living statues or street performers.

Workshops can focus on the production of a costume and character, how to do grime, how to act as living statue, and how to perform for an audience. Or workshops could also be a short experience: using the existing Living Sculptures costumes you can turn into a living statue in just fifteen minutes!

The walk-in workshop consist of an exhibition of costumes of Living Sculptures. Everyone who passes by is able to ask questions, feel the textures, try on a costume and grime and of course have a moment of fame while posing on the pedestal.

Every workshop is made-to-measure: considering the participants, group size and goal of the workshop.

“In just one class children learn more about themselves than in a whole year!” – secondary school teacher

We offer workshops as:

  • Company outing
  • Teambuilding
  • Flashmob
  • Multi-day course: from costume to performance
  • Statue/acting classes for schools
  • Day-workshop: living statue in one day
  • Walk-in workshop
  • Workshop on how to make costumes
  • Masterclass for (amateur) performers/street artists

Please contact us for more information about the possibilities and costs.

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