Living Sculptures has been a theatrical agency since 1994, which has been engaged in stationary and mobile acts: living statues and sculptures in the fullest sense of the word. The variety of sculptures (also called 'living statues') varies from realistic figures to more imaginative statues.
From the bronze "Thinker" to the kitsch 'Mary' in a niche with music. From a Lady Justice in stone to an artistic, life-size revolving
nest with a "bird lady" in it. Amongst them you can see medieval, fairytale-like, kinky, abstract statues even made of chocolate.
Living Sculptures aims to give the statues a look as 'real' as possible: They always have a 'relived' character: weather beaten, rusty,
decaying, peeling off... Faithfully reproduced, animated statues.

Besides standing still, there also is movement otherwise there would be no interaction. This contact with the public is central for us:
voyeurism in close-up, designed to surprise and to be admired. Individual experiences in their purest form.

The 'living' aspect is emphasised by the contrast between the lifeless appearance of the statues and the almost intimate contact that
can occur between the statue and the public. The animation of the statues, both in terms of design and performance,
is where the company truly expresses its character.

The performance art atmosphere has been extended in acts like the "Stone Fairy Tale", where a carriage is pulled through the streets,
the "Sandact" - elegant ladies in shell sand - and the "Living Showboxes". Over the coming years, more performance acts are
planned for development.

Made-to-measure commissions are often ordered by costumers with special wishes. Making a special statue and/or having a statue
perform a specific act: making a speech, handing out an award, official openings, unveilings etc.
In fact, our statues are very flexible indeed.

The statues are designed, created, cast and 'put on stage' by Eveline Beuman, founder of the firm.
Her first performance took place on the 21st of July 1994. With a lot of dedication, a spontaneous act turned into a company that
soon needed more and more performers. Since then, she has collaborated with dozens of artists who master the art of
'standing still' and performing in public, whether or not trained by Eveline.
Before she started this business, she had been working in primary education, in the hotel and catering industry,
the flower branch and the second-hand goods trade. She studied at PABO, TEHATEX and SPH and is a qualified primary school teacher.
It took a lot of courage and conviction to make a living from 'statueing' on a professional basis out of nothing.
The performances gave Eveline the satisfaction and belief that Living Sculptures could capture a unique and distinctive place in the market.
It was the first business that had "living statues" as a product.

Today, the company operates from a studio near her home. Several employees have been engaged to accompany the performers.
Sometimes statues can also perform unassisted. This development has enabled Eveline to experience motherhood in a more
relaxed way. Syn was born in 1999 and has grown up 'amongst the statues . Animated, social, talkative and intense are words
that describe him best. His growing-up seems to run parallel with the company: More freedom, more independence and bigger.

In addition to her business, Eveline is engaged in designing personalised jewellery. Under the name of 1+1=3,
she designs jewellery on the principle that the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts. (1÷2=1½ cause 1+1=3).
Apparent contradictions, extremes, attract each other, are attracted to each other, desire something from each other,
and consequently feed and nourish each other. This idea is expressed using a variety of materials (except precious metals)
brought together to create a new unified form.
Not an assembly of components, not a compromise, but a genuine synthesis of autonomous elements.
Individual - personal - because it is the client who chooses their own theme, the materials, and the place where it will be worn on the body.

eveline The body in all its appearances forms my main interest and motive: the skin, covered or not, the attitude, the movement:
= the body language + all the ways to cover that body with that spirit or let it come out.
Clothes, make-up, acting, dancing... Exhibitionism versus concealment.
Looking at and being looked at.
And there, in between,
something might happen,
in a sacred silence. eveline beuman