1994 july: First spontaneous performance on 21-07-1994. Name Living Sculptures born.
1998 may: Appearance on Tros TV show.
  aug: 1st Prize Living Statues National Championship Arnhem.
1999 jan: 1st Made to measure commission: 4 costumes for Microsoft
  mar: Video clip for television program 'Kunst met Peren'.
2000 may: 4 statues for Akihito, Emperor of Japan in the gardens of Loo Palace.
2001 july: 2nd Prize Living Statues Championship Oldenzaal
  sept: 9 Living statues for "Willem-Alexander-and-Maxima-tour" Den Bosch
2002 may: 21 Acts including 12 statues: programming and organisation "Harbour Days" 't Bassin, Maastricht
2004 july: Member of Jury, Living Statues World Championship Arnhem
2005 june: 7 Statues for H.M. Queen Beatrix in Nijmegen
  july: Nijmegen 2000: 10 statues, made to measure, related to Nijmegen.
2006 mrt: 10 Statues on National Song contest with Paul de Leeuw
  aug: Advising consultant to the jury on Living Statues World Championship Arnhem
  okt: Recreating the Schuurmans Sisters as living statues on Dam square for TV program 'Katja versus Birgit'
  nov: For the Dutch Embassy in Chengdu, China: Rembrandt statue 4 days. YouTube
  nov: 'Herculaneum' exhibition Valkhof Museum Nijmegen: copies of the two most famous statues.
2007 aug: Artistic adviser for Living Statues World Championship Arnhem
  aug: Exhibition costumes in Historic Cellars Arnhem during World Championship.
  sept: TV broadcast: 8 Living statues on gala 'Football player of the year'.
  okt: For Dutch Embassy in Beijing, China: Rembrandt statue 8 days.
2008 nov: A visit to the State of Qatar with 4 statues.
  nov: Long-term job for the "Tepest" man for Vodafone
2009 juni: Festival 'Beeldig Lommel': A weekend with 9 statues: One of the chummiest!

aug: 30 Statues on Siege of Groningen festival 
  nov: Hermitage Amsterdam: 2 Russian Folklore Dolls 
  dec: Major commercial with statue 'Rembrandt' on Dutch television for many weeks
2010 may: Statue 'The Peat Barge Propietor' wins first prize Dutch Championship Living Statues, Valkenburg
  sep: 'The Thinker' in Museum Rodin, Paris.
2013 jun: Statue 'Beauty In Stone' wins diploma 'BEST CRAFT' on DC Living Statues Valkenburg

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